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9. Horse and Jockey Inn

The interpretation sign on the wall of the supermarket gives a history of this first Rokeby "shopping complex" up to the 1940s.

First licensed in 1833, 100 years later the Inn became a General store and Post Office, and was being refurbished when burnt down in 1967. Miss Norma Free was the postmistress at Rokeby for many years from the late 30s and she also operated the manual phone service. There were no mail deliveries then. A horse drawn Horse and Jockey Inn bread cart delivered twice a week along the main road. There were no side deliveries. This was in the 1940s. Miss Free's father Ernie P. Free was the best known of the blacksmiths who had conducted the nearby business since well before Federation. He was a top wicket keeper who played for Rokeby and Tasmania.


The mention of cricket is sufficient to return to Church St. and follow the path to the Village Green.

Rokeby Schoolhouse 1860's

Horse and Jockey Inn

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