Native Flora

The following table lists the native plants commonly planted by TACPLACI in our local area.

Bower spinach

Excellent ground cover, fast growing, effective in suppressing weeds

Scientific Name

Tetragonia implexicoma

Casuarina or Drooping Sheoak

A common sight along the Tranmere foreshore

Scientific Name

Allocasuarina verticillata

Coast Paperbark

Scientific Name

Melaleuca ericifolia


Withstands dry conditions once established

Scientific Name

Dianella tasmanica


Scientific Name

Pomaderris apetala

Grey Saltbush

Prolific grower in harsh coastal conditions

Scientific Name

Atriplex Cinerea


Striking purple pea flowers in late spring.

Scientific Name

Indigofera australis

Native Box

Scientific Name

Bursaria spinosa

Native Hop

Scientific Name

Dodonaea viscosa

Native Primrose

Scientific Name

Goodenia lanata

Native pigface

Excellent groundcover, fast growing once established

Scientific Name

Carpobrotus rossii

Prickly Moses

Common coastal shrub

Scientific Name

Acacia verticillata

Rhagodia/Coastal saltbush

Good groundcover, quite hardy

Scientific Name

Rhagodia candolleana

Running Postman

Protrate trailing plant, can be obscured until red flowers appear in Spring

Scientific Name

Kennedia prostrata


One of Tasmania's most abundant species

Scientific Name

Lomandra longiflora

Silver tussock grass

Excellent cover for small animals such as blue tongue lizards and attracts birds

Scientific Name

Poa Labillardieri


Scientific Name

Westringia (Lamiaceae)

White Correa

Prolific growth and hardy

Scientific Name

Correa alba

White Flag Iris

Scientific Name

Diplarrena moraea