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Our role

TACPLACI is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Tranmere and Clarence Plains (Rokeby and Clarendon Vale).  We are part of the Landcare movement, made up of more than 5,400 local groups across Australia. As well as landcare and coastcare activities we also promote the historic heritage of our local area.

TACPLACI cares for our local area's invaluable land and water assets; utilising assistance from interested volunteers to safeguard, rebuild, regenerate, and sustainably manage the natural environment.

TACPLACI works collaboratively with the Clarence City Council, together with the community, on many Landcare and Coastcare projects.

Through the tireless efforts of two of our founding members, Wendy and the late Bruce Andrew, TACPLACI also has maintained a role in promoting the awareness of local historical heritage.  Some of the projects include the development of the Rokeby Historic Trail and the documentation of the history of the Clarence Plains area in the book entitled "Footprints - The People and Places of Early Clarence Plains and Rokeby".

We have a small but enthusiastic Committee.

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