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We're working on several projects this year.  You can view an archive of our activities by clicking here.

Current Projects and Activities 

Natural Heritage Projects


TACPLACI has developed a calendar and program of activities for 2019 to to maintain each of its sites.  Activities include weed control, mulching and planting of native species.  We work to a standard annual approach to maintaining our sites. TACPLACI welcomes new members who are interested in getting involved.  Contact us for more information.

Litter Pick-up


TACPLACI is committed to protecting our waterways from litter, particularly plastics which are very damaging to our native flora and fauna.  We are funded by the Clarence City Council to keep the Tranmere foreshore clear of rubbish and also participate in Clean Up Australia activities. The photo depicts the typical rubbish found within a small time walking along our foreshore.

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