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4. Old Schoolhouses

3 South Arm Rd. 

The small cottage with a tall picket fence, is the oldest weatherboard building in the village area. In 1860, this was the Clarence Plains Board of Education School, but, by Federation, it was a private home. Three stages of its history, and the changes to its appearance over 140 years, are shown on the sign at the trail start. Divided by the Clarence Plains Rivulet, the land came originally from grants to Edward Kimberley and David Lord.

Clarence Plains School 1860s

Next door, the building dated 1880s, is possibly older, and was the Rokeby State School until 1944-5. It combined a schoolteacher's residence and schoolroom, but for many years there was no connecting door. A press item of 1897, described the break-up for the Jubilee holidays, in the "once populous, but now almost deserted village of Rokeby". After prize giving, the children sang a well-rehearsed "God Save The Queen" and were addressed by the Church Rector. On Empire Day 40 years later, the Warden of Clarence, gave the address, distributed bags of boiled lollies, and gave the children, who included his grandson, the rest of the day off. A Mass Centre before the opening of John Paul II in 1982, it is now the well-loved and cared - for Clarence Plains Youth Centre.

A nearby Community Mural may be viewed from here.

Rokeby Schoolhouse 1860's
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