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15. Site of Stanfield's Mill 1816-1908 South Arm Rd.

This post wind mill, one of the earliest in Van Diemen's Land, was the inspiration of 1808 settler Daniel Stanfield Jnr. His farsightedness enabled the rich agricultural area of Clarence Plains to develop, and substantially benefited the new colony in Hobart.

Stanfield's Mill

It continued to grind the grain for the Clarence Plains district until at least 1876. The miller's cottage was burnt down in 1900 and the now derelict mill blew down in 1908. It must have been an impressive sight - standing 10 metres high, approximately the height of the back section of the Police Academy which is precisely where it stood. The sails reached a further 7 metres.

The "Currier and his Beam" Inn relic can be seen between the properties of Belmont Lawn and Belmont Stud, on the Rokeby side of the Academy land. The round brick well, with a conical metal roof, was built in 1935 from bricks recycled from the old stables near the Inn, which may well have been licensed as early as 1819. A well known licensee in 1837-9 was Henry Morrisby, whose first wife was Knopwood's ward, Betsy Mack. The Inn later became a private home.

Rokeby Schoolhouse 1860's
Stanfield's Mill
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