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3. Site of Anne Dodds' or "Knopwood's" Cottage

Across Droughty Pt. Rd., on the corner, stood a house owned from 1891 by Miss Anne Dodds, but reputed to have been built for Rev'd Robert Knopwood. However this is not mentioned in his diaries. This house, of unknown age, was made of hand-sawn boards, butted together, with pressed tin dados inside. For sale at $16000 in 1986 it boasted 3 beds, lounge, kit-dining with sloping ceiling, and a bathroom-washhouse with bath and basin. Other selling points were the outside lavatory with weekly nightcart service, outbuildings, and a prospering orchard. A renovator's dream! The apple trees remain - the cottage sadly destroyed by man.

Ann Dodds' Cottage
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