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Life on the Green

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Horse & Jockey Inn


The Horse and Jockey Inn was situated next to the blacksmith shop on South Arm Road.  It was on the other side of where the petrol station is now.  Possibly the public house was the first licensed to sell alcohol under the name of ‘The Harrow’ in 1841 prior to a licence being issued for the ‘Horse and Jockey’ in 1850.  The last liquor licence appears to have been issued in 1897.  Anticipating a future role, it was advertised as both an inn and a store in the 1870s; the store “doing a very comfortable Grocery, Drapery and Baking business”.  During the early and middle twentieth century, it operated as a residence and post office, and at various times also served as a store, and/or meeting hall.


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The sign for Historic Cemetery is situated diagonally across the intersection from the Life on the Green sign.

Horse & Jockey

Image credits: The Steel descendants

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