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2. Prince's Buildings Parade

Originally called "Prince's Buildings", land grants of quarter acre blocks, for buildings, were made here, with strict conditions even in the 1830s. By 1919 five lots on each side of the street, or track, as it was then, formed two properties - the newly renovated "Connor's cottage" and the mansion "Bayview" shown below.

John McArdell, on the "Bayview" area of just over an acre, had started the superior private boarding school for boys, "McArdell College", in the 1830s. Over 30 years later this would become Peter Buchanan's hotel and in 1875 it was acquired by Eliza Percy, who, in short time, owned 262 acres of farmland. Nowadays the suburb of Rokeby is on most of this farmland. "Bayview," and its stables, were completely destroyed by the 1967 bushfires. All that remains is a length of stone wall along the boundary of No.1.

The walk through Percy Park, to cross the main road, is a reminder of the noted midwife, Dulcie Percy, 1883 - 1962, who was at the birth of so many of our older residents.

A sign, in front of the Housing office, invites you to turn right to the Old Schoolhouses.

Bayview after 1967 bushfires
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