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School Days

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The newspapers of the day periodically reported special events at the school in Rokeby.  


There  was a picnic at Frederick Henry Bay on the day after the Christmas/New Year breakup in 1897.  Nearly all the families in Rokeby - over 100 people - went.  They were conveyed by wagons, springs drays and chaise carts. There was jumping, reeling and other sports and plenty to eat!  

A more formal occasion was the celebration of Empire Day in 1937.  The children, about eighteen in number, stood in line, saluted whilst the Union Jack was raised and sang ‘God Save the King’.  The Warden of Clarence gave an address, distributed small bags of lollies to each student and proclaimed the rest of the day a school holiday.

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Proceed to the footpath next to South Arm Road and turn right.  Walk across the small bridge and then cross South Arm Road with care at the school crossing, then proceed south.  The Village Entrance sign is located near the intersection of South Arm Road and Hawthorne Place.

Image credits: Tasmanian Archives: PH30/1/4660 

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