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The Percy's Legacy

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Rokeby Avenue of Honour

In 1919, nineteen American Plane trees were planted in Rokeby, one for each of local man who enlisted in World War 1.  Nineteen enlistments was considered a respectable number given the size of the local population.  All the children at the local school in 1917 had raised their hands when they were asked if they had anyone at the front belonging to them.

The names of eighteen men are recorded on the honour roll in St Matthew’s Church.

The American Plane trees were planted along one side of Percy Park, from South Arm Road down Knopwood Street to the Village Green and then along KIng Street to St Matthew's. (Knopwood Street at that time extended all the way to South Arm Road.)  The trees however did not survive.  Few, if any trees can be seen on the aerial photos taken about twenty years later. 

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Honour Roll in St Matthews Church

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With care, cross South Arm Road and proceed north along the roadside path, turning left into Droughty Point Road.  The Nutshell and related sign is located on the right hand side of the road.

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